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Narrogin Christian Centre is a pentecostal church, affiliated with Australian Christian Churches.

Although small in number we have a spirit of generosity, a heart for worship and a big vision for seeing Narrogin engulfed by God's advancing Kingdom! To this end we work, pray and collaborate with the other Christian denominations to bring good news to our community, of rebirth and abundant life!

our pastors:
Lead Pastor Joe Cacic
Joe Cacic
Church Administrator & Pastor's Wife, Laurie Cacic
Laurie Cacic

Church Administrator + Pastor's Wife

our team:
Kidz Club_edited.jpg

Mandy Lyons                      NCC Childrens pastor

About Joe

Hi, and welcome to our page! I know God is real. He may be invisible, but He's not imaginary. As a cynical young man, I was dragged along to church by a girlfriend and there I met Jesus. My life has never been the same. Resolving to follow Him, I have served Jesus and His church for over 25 years in different outback and country towns. Everyone was skeptical when God first called this introverted fitter and machinist into ministry, and even more astonished when He gave me the gifts of preaching and teaching, but God is able to do amazing things in our lives and He certainly worked in me.

My family settled in this district on a small farm in 2002, and I was appointed to Narrogin Christian Centre shortly after a rebuke from the Lord to "stop fiddling with farming and get back to pastoring like I called you!" God has a way of grabbing our attention. I love our church and I'm genuinely thrilled to be a small part of God's Narrogin project. I'd be delighted if you chose to join us!

About Laurie

I'm always thankful that I've been blessed with several generations of Christian ancestors. God's long term presence in my family has brought so much goodness into my life. I made my own decision to follow Jesus when I was 18. He promises to give us life to the full, and in doing so He turned a shy, self-absorbed teenager into a gregarious, people lover!

Jesus dished out a triple portion when He set me into His church family. My greatest joy has been to serve Him through the Church, alongside my husband Joe, and see Him transforming people and bringing them to life. I love it when people discover something about God and it makes all the difference to their lives. How could I not want to be a part of that!

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